Our swimwear is handmade in Bali by a small, family run manufacturing team. After beginning our brand in Australia, we are so excited to have an additional team on board to create products with us.

Our team in Bali are provided with:

-Above minimum wage

-Health insurance for staff and their families

-Standard working hours with no forced overtime

We are proud to work alongside this team and their skills in areas such as:

-Quality control: each pair is individually checked for any defects or imperfections, with any faults repaired before being sent to our fulfilment warehouse

-Re-make: any faulty beyond repair pieces are repurposed into new swimwear, or into a new fabric 

-Preorders: we love implementing a preorder model to reduce waste and over production

-Product innovation and design: our team have been creating high quality pieces for years and are constantly providing us feedback on new ideas and designs, helping us to create the perfect pieces 


From production to end packaging, our process is completely plastic free, including our warehouse and offices.

Our bikinis are packed into biodegradable cassava bags.

Our cotton storage bags are designed to be reused to store your bikini in, to increase the longevity of your suit.

Our tags and liners are hygienic and made of recyclable paper.


Our fabric creation process

Waste Collection: fishing nets, fabric scraps, ocean waste are collected

Regeneration: waste is melted down to create plastic 'pieces'

Remade: 'pieces' are remade into fabric fibres

Fabric: fibres are made into our luxurious repreve fabric

Product Creation: fabric is then hand sewn ethically to create our swimwear pieces 

Certifications: All fabrics are OEKO-TEX and GRS certified, saltwater, suntan and oil resistant, and dyed using a low carbon footprint dye


Our marketing revolves around a love for a high quality bikini that you'll keep in your swim collection for summers to come.

We have extremely limited sales.

Whilst we work with creators to promote our product, we only ever collaborate with those who truly love the product and have been wearing our brand for the product itself.

We never want to encourage our customers to impulse buy, or buy more than they need. This is why you'll find out marketing revolves around the benefits of our product itself, such as quality, craftsmanship, design and prints.

Any questions? Be sure to come chat with us on instagram @leniswims or email hello@leniswims.com

With love, Leni.